do you ever get that horrible feeling in your stomach because you can’t imagine anyone ever falling in love with you and wanting to spend the rest of their life with you

blonde/white hair tied up on a guy with shaved sides is my weakness..


headsbendingcars asked:
You are literally my inspiration in life, don't ever change, okay??? Ily sweetie xxxxxx

YOU ARE LITERALLY SO ADORABLE LIKE THIS WILL MAKE ME CRY- like omg I’m gonna screen shot it so I can keep it forever and look at it when I’m sad! seriously this is so cute! ily so much and I will never change for anyone- even if I hve 3 friends becuz everyone hates me I will stay the same for you, cause omg this is so cute and I’m gonna share it with everyone cause ily omg
this has made me so happy! ilyyyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



fuck it.

/ / R O S S  M A C D O N A L D / /
1975blog asked:
"Have sex more" omg I love you

it would literally solve every problem there is.
you can’t deny it!?
you have a bad day- sex
you loose something - sex
wanna take a nude? nope not today - sex
thinking about matty (what) - sex




serious question are they not overheating?? like omg black burns in the sun

just when i thought this post died someone brought it back aha :)
"How many times was I there for you?
Every. Fucking. Time. I didn’t even care if I was busy.
How many times did you even think of talking to me when I was down?
'Best Friend' (via ohlookwhatyouvedone)




I like how the original title for The Fault in Our Stars is all poetic and then the Norwegians just translated it to “fuck destiny” and I think that’s beautiful

Aw man, I thought for sure this had to be bullshit but nope

Why is it always Norway

Norway, a nation where you can put the word “fuck” on the cover of a young adult novel.
Anonymous asked:
What do you think of the recent leaking of celebrities' nude photos?

hmm I’m mixed!
like 1. I would never take them personally? like that’s just not something id do
2. if you’re a celb and you take nudes they normally get leaked? it’s happened twice in the past week?! like use ya brain!
but also I think if you want to take those sorts of photos )jsndwnxowoq) why!?)( then you should be able too and hackers (I think that’s what’s gone on? hackers have hacked and leaked them, not the person she sent them too or something did? I’m not down with it- I don’t really like to read into celb shit but anyway) I think it’s pretty gross that people have hacked (if they have) and posted them- cause it’s just unnessicary, she’s obviously taken them for personal reasons, not public reasons.. so they should be kept that way

but I mean just idk have sex more, like seriously! photos wouldn’t get taken if people just fucked more, because you wouldn’t SOME HOW forget what the person you’re fucking looks like and need to take a photo.

you feel me?


got my film roll developed, this is my favourite one of Arctic Monkeys at Reading 2014